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Let’s face it. We would have to be deaf, blind, and absent of any and all senses to deny that mankind is presently living in a technological revolution. As never before in history, a wave of modern inventions has swept across the earth like an uncontrollable landslide. Absent of an opposing force, this onslaught of wonders and miracles is gladly accepted by modern man as their continuos upswing woo and amaze all that behold. Seemingly making life easier and more luxurious, computers head up this assault as artificial intelligence claims its position on phones, store registers, and even children’s toys. 


Advancements, however, are not always what they seem. And dependent on usage, computers and technology can be considered more of a curse than a blessing. In a world of electronics harnessing invisible atoms, we can now correspond audibly and visually on tablets and phones with people around the globe. And although this appears fine, while we typically think nothing of it, a hundred years ago or so, gadgetry like this would have been considered sorcery or a work of the devil. Given the immoralities and corruption which so often accompanies them, we could almost bet they would have been rejected and destroyed on sight, along with their owners.

Yet here we are today accepting them. Why? Because we presume we are without problems while supposedly understanding technology and its inner workings. But do we really? Do we understand how far we have come in such a short time? Do we comprehend the pressures and immoralities we have placed upon our children? Do we realize how far God has been pushed from our lives as we possess all we need in a world of everything?

Quite obvious, there are only two options… either we are for God, or against Him. It can't be both (Luke 16:13).


July 23, 2017

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The Deepest, Most-Perplexing Bible Passages CAN  Be Understood!

The Four Living Creatures

And upon this battlefront, the extreme division of the world has blurred the lines, separating good and evil to such far-reaching and opposing corners, that no one seems to know the difference.  Due to this, finding a middle ground absent of judgment can be nearly impossible. As this spiritual war escalates, atheists take their stance with boldness, while society as a whole pushes God aside more each passing day. Others, who follow God, feel anger and resentment toward a world growing cold in what feels like a nearly unconquerable battle.

The dilemma appears futile. As never before, the world requires proof that God exists. It's not enough to open one’s eyes to see the beauty and harmony that subsists in nature around us. Instead, youth and elderly, alike, are now questioning the Creation event above and beyond the Big-bang theory, when, in actuality, evolution makes less sense than the existence of a Superior Being, namely God. 

Adding to this, scriptural passages are being dissected and torn from their seams as many cynics claim that the Bible is some fairy tale that exists parallel to flying pigs and, of which, was merely fabricated by one’s imagination. Due to misunderstood passages that speak of things most people refuse to comprehend, such as slavery and stoning, these unbelievers insist that the Bible could never have been handed down by a loving God practicing morality. In short, intolerance and ignorance thrash about like some giant ogre set on destroying the church, while people of all ages and walks of faith lack concern for a future generation.

But for those who yet remain deeply rooted within Christian truths, defending biblical principles has become paramount. In today’s day and age, to be a Christian means much more than just claiming the title. It requires understanding God’s Book. And only by understanding, can we defend, and speak of its Truths.


This does not mean we defend God’s Word harboring hatred toward others, it simply means we must be armed with the knowledge of God (Eph. 6:11-18) to defend our position as God’s loving children. After all, how can we truly call ourselves Christians if we fail to read, or don’t bother to comprehend the Book which our Creator has given us? Keywords, as defined by God, must be completely understood in order to grasp the full depth of Scripture. Many of these words are perfectly explained and precisely detailed by God throughout Scripture. And as God leaves nothing out, a desire to learn is all we need.


And that is the key. For without searching, we never will understand. And failure to ask God for help is one of the least recognized elements of religion today. Living in the false security of what we’ve been taught by others, rather than searching for ourselves, we believe we already know all the answers. And if not, we assume that the one teaching us will inform us of the truth. But unless that teaching comes directly from God, we could easily be led astray. Deception in today’s world pours forth, even from church walls.

Only Jesus brings forth that One Truth and Tree of Life. The testimony of man is good, but the testimony of God is even better (1John 5:9). By searching for God’s Truth ourselves, and as given through the testimony of His Spirit (John 14:26) unto our soul, we can find that One Truth and unveil those mysteries of God’s Kingdom. The only variable required on our behalf, is that we open our eyes to see.


The books, literature, and materials offered here, are meant to do just that... open one's eyes to God's Knowledge and Wisdom, instead of man’s. God's comprehension is endless, and unless we allow Him to testify to us, we can never visualize God for who He truly is or be a witness to the miracles He has set forth in the creation of His Grand Design.

LAMP: The Hidden Code (Available in "BOOKS" Section)

Within its factual biblical element, LAMP: The Hidden Code opens the doors to a wealth of scriptural information never before understood or disclosed.  It is quite literally an archaeological adventure in the study of God's Word and faith. And though it is presented within a work of fiction, LAMP is founded upon a strong scriptural structure with biblical references throughout. Similar to the parables of Jesus, its storyline is written for those who seek God's Truths and look beyond the superficial and worldly. Its objective is to explain biblical facts of great importance which are outside the reach of normal understanding and to demonstrate a vast kingdom which harnesses a masterful directive, giving credence to an eternal Creator.


To lend support to the book's truths, every ounce of biblical content has been retrieved and verified within the folds of God's Word. Nothing is assumed or implied outside these bounds. It is truly as no other fictional Christian book you'll ever pick up. Click on the picture to the left for more information.

Lamp: The Hidden Code and other books (including non-fiction) are available below or from the page menu above.

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The Hidden Code


GOD's Hidden Language Secret Code of the Ancient Prophets





Who are the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11:1-14? What secret hides their identity? Does the Bible give us any clues? As surprising as it may seem, the Bible holds nothing back and tells us EXACTLY who these Two Olive Trees are. 



Hidden within the folds of God's Word, there's a "Dictionary of Definitions". But this Dictionary is no ordinary dictionary, nor can it be found in amongst our everyday household items. This Dictionary is Authored by God, Himself, and was a source of knowledge understood by the Prophets. In learning this language, we may be surprised to find just how much our Creator has to tell us!



What does the Number of the Antichrist mean and who does it reveal? Tired of all the guesswork and suppositions? God has explained this Beast in great detail, leaving little to our imagination. There can be no doubt, modern man has entered into the Time of the End!

Coming Soon...

Articles above are available for download as e-Sword Topic (.topx) Notes Modules for Bible Study. Click on the article, then follow the link found at the bottom of page...



G. W. Timm

The author has spent thousands, upon thousands of hours studying, examining, and cross-referencing the original Hebrew and Greek texts of Scripture to help define God's Truths.

Much of the Old Testament is thought to be an outdated Law, solely discarded upon the remnants of a past and ancient civilization. Such is not the case. Mistranslation abounds as man looks to the worldly rather than the spiritual. God has much yet to reveal in the greatest Book ever to grace the surface of planet Earth. Levitical Law is eternal, and we, as God's children, still fall under it. But to understand God's Law, we must first take the time to understand the structure of God's Kingdom. Absent of that, we could never disclose the Hidden Truths of Scripture.

And with that, there is much to be told.

However, with all that has been learned, discovered, and placed upon paper, every ounce of credit goes to the good Lord. For it is only by His hand that these books have been authored and it is solely by His means that any and all biblical content could ever be understood. There is no other Teacher that could ever equal His Wisdom or truly anoint us in His Truths...

1 John 2:27, John 5:33-35, John 14:26, 1 Thes. 4:9, 1 Thes. 2:13, 1 Cor. 2:5

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The middle of 2018 marks the anticipated release date for "GOD's Hidden Code", which includes an in-depth look at the Wisdom given to God's Prophets and the Secret Code of knowledge which they possessed to author scriptural writings. It is all based upon biblical truth as found only within the folds of the Bible. This language is also described and taught by Jesus, Himself. A short preview can be found here.



Also coming up will be the book titled "Secrets of the Lampstand". This book describes the Lampstand found within Scripture, and reveals its purpose as never before. God gave its design for a reason, and there is an untold story concerning its unique function, its many parts, and why the Lampstand is so important within faith. This book will include numerous biblical quotes and detailed scriptural explanations as only God can describe.  More information is available here.



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