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Fictional Story Turned to Biblical Fact 

LAMP: The Hidden Code

An archaeological story of fiction with a twist of adventure as the characters unearth the ultimate source of Wisdom. Yet they soon learn, this Wisdom does not come from man, its only source is God. Travel along to unveil the Mysteries of Revelation, the Secrets of the Lampstand, the purpose for the Four Living Creatures, and the disclosure of God's Hidden Language. It also explains many other mysteries of Scripture, including, the roots of the Antichrist and where this spirit of deception originates from. This may be one of greatest sources for discovering the Hidden Secrets of Scripture, ever. Can't determine whether this is fiction or fact? Read it for yourself. You might just wonder why these revelations haven't been made known elsewhere. Written for the beginner in faith, as well as the biblical Scholar. Includes countless Scripture references throughout.

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Non-Fiction - Biblical Facts & Truths

Secrets of the LAMPSTAND

This book picks up where the fictional story Lamp: The Hidden Code left off, and is based entirely on scriptural fact. Secrets of the Lampstand reveals the key to understanding much of Scripture, as the Lampstand is spoken of throughout and found within many Old Testament writings. Even within the New Testament, we have failed to understand its importance, as it relates to the 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Vials of Revelation. Understanding God's purpose for explaining the Lampstand is vital, as it demonstrates our walk of faith and a relationship with Jesus. The wisdom of understanding End Time Prophecy is also hidden within its design. This book explains the mystery, where others miss the mark. All content is described and given by God within His Word.

Secrets of the LAMPSTAND is not yet available.

Non-Fiction - Bible Facts & Truths

GOD's Hidden Language

We have only begun to understand the mysteries of God's kingdom. Within the Bible is a Hidden Language known only to the Prophets. Its roots is a dictionary that God has included within His Word to assist us in learning His Language. One cannot find these word definitions within a modern day dictionary of man... it is God's own interpretation. Though the contents of this book is derived from the fictional novel LAMP: The Hidden Code, it explains much of what man has missed for thousands of years... yet is based entirely on biblical fact. There can be no doubt. Each and every prophet absolutely had to know this secret in order to write their prophecies in harmony with each other in order to foretell the Promise of Jesus. This an absolute must for the beginner, as well as anyone doing an in-depth study of Scripture. Includes many references from God's Holy Word.

GOD's Hidden Language (Secret Code of the Ancient Prophets) is not yet available.

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The Hidden Code

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